Jushan Agricultural Products Selling Center: Thailand Gorgeous Show

※ Info to Thailand Gorgeous Show

Our show is from Thailand and Russia. There are 4 different showrooms in this center. Each showroom could hold at least tourist of 4 buses. In addition, the center could hold more than 25 buses at the same time. The show will be performed everyday by each 30 minutes from 8:00am to 17:30pm. The performance time will last 1 hour (including of selling products). Most dancers are from Thailand. There are more than 25 dancers in this center and they perform a splendid and resplendent show.

※ Participant:

All local groups or associations.
Group members: at least 20 adults.

※How to Participate:

Please form the following table to make reservation

Group title


Bus name


Reservation day


Buses amount


Contact person


Contact mobile


You could make reservation via internet, fax, and phone.

  1. Internet: Please mail to: service@dynasty888.com
  2. Fax: Please fax to: +88635120623
  3. Phone: Please call: +88635120766, or +886972370770

After filling the table, company will reply in 2 days.